After midnight on a night in June 1972, Mick Jagger and Bent Magnus crossed paths at the Kansas City International Airport baggage claim area. As was custom with these two, a heated strut-off soon ensued, this one lasting hours. The stuff of legend, this time Circus Magazine was there to cover the action. It ended in a draw after someone noticed Keith Richards lying dead on the luggage belt, circling round and round. Bent quickly administered something he called "electric fists" to Keith Richards' heart, reviving him within the hour.

Bent Magnus is a Clown Cupcakes

Not much is known of the relationship between Adelaide Hawley Cumming, better known as "Betty Crocker," and Bent Magnus. Nor is it clear how well they even knew each other. But in 1957's "Betty Crocker's Cookbook for Boys and Girls" a recipe bearing Bent's name appeared on page 16. According to his records, when this was brought to Bent's attention, he wasn't sure whether the name of the recipe was meant as an insult or a compliment, and though he noted that the whole thing was pretty weird, he followed the recipe and found the cupcakes to be delightful.

Groove with the Magnus

Bent was in New York City on the night of February 17, 1974. Unable to sleep, he took to the streets, eventually wandering into what is believed to be The Gallery, a dance club run by DJ Nicky Siano and his brother, Joe. In his journal he recounts being overcome by the music, taking over the dance floor, and with mic in hand, encouraging fellow dancers to join his celebration of movement.

According to dance legend, during The Gallery's move to its new location in SOHO, Nicky Siano found a recording of Bent on this night. This recording was passed between various dance club Dj's of the time, and was eventually sampled by Kool and the Gang.

Gatsby? Great!

In 1937, the Herald Examiner republished "The Great Gatsby" in serial form. Staff Illustrator, Stan Masters reinterpreted Gatby's appearance and gave him a thick lustrous beard to liken him to his old friend, Bent Magnus. Neither Stan's editors or the city of Los Angeles noticed.

In the Funnies

Throughout the early 1940's, Bent Magnus was featured in various serial comic strips. Interest was high in Bent's "character" which eventually led to a starring role in his own title. Written primary by Tony Pearce, the series went 5 strong years before the writer went insane. After a series of failed attempts to revitalize the series, including an ill-advised tenure of a pre-published Norman Mailer, the comic faded into obscurity.

Magnus General... on TV.

In 2015, Federico Garduño and Dan Milledge met Bent Magnus after "accidentally" breaking into his estate. Sensing opportunity and feeling frisky because of his 105th birthday, Bent entrusted Fed and Dan with his legacy. They decided to make a stupid cartoon about him with the help of Scott Vincent, artist.

Shark LIFE

When Bent was interviewed by LIFE magazine, he was sorely misunderstood.

Scientist. Man.

By the age of 22, Bent was already well known amongst the cultural elite as an emerging scientist. But he was even better known as a lady's man and hypnotist. James Thurber presented this cartoon to Bent on Mayan's New Year's Eve, 1932. It was later repurposed for The New Yorker, published in February 1933. In the published cartoon, Bent has no beard or mane, as Thurber admittedly had trouble drawing quote, "men's hair."

Bent Bathes

Bent is well known for his patents. This is one of them.


After midnight on a night in June 1972, Mick Jagger and Bent Magnus crossed paths at the Kansas City International Airport baggage claim...